Providing the right solutions to your problems is the core of our business

The only way to win the trust and confidence of our corporate clients is by making sure we cater to all of their requirements. This is only possible by offering them comprehensive services that include:


We provide a variety of consulting solutions to businesses. We help you face even the toughest of the challenges in the easiest and most convenient way. Whether you are looking for a new system, need advice about the implementation of business process automation and workflows or want to find out how to make the most from your existing IT investments, we can assist you with all this and more. The different kinds of business solutions consulting services we provide include:

  • Project Management: We have subject matter experts, support systems and project management methodologies that can help you adopt a highly-focused approach to your project initiatives. We have the bandwidth to take off all the process-driven work from you, so your staff can focus on your core competency. The methodologies that we use are designed to complete projects within the stipulated budget and timeframe, while strictly adhering to the quality parameter. We offer a combination of services including best-in-class project management consulting services, and a certified project management training curriculum.
  • Quality Assurance Management: If you want to gain or maintain that competitive edge in the market, quality is what we can help you focus upon. There cannot be any errors while testing. However, with so many business constraints, companies often find it difficult to deliver the quality services they are expected to.This is where we can help you. Our QATS (Quality Assurance and Testing Services) is designed to save your time and effort involved in testing. We have thorough understanding of the regulatory and industry requirements and carry out our tests with independence and integrity, in a timely and cost-effective fashion. We offer:
    • Ready-to-use innovative Frameworks and Test Solutions
    • Specialized testing services in areas like business intelligence, mobile and Agile
    • Performance and Automation Engineering solutions
    • Strategic Test Consultations as well as Strategies
    • Dedicated TCoEs or Testing Centers of Excellence where tests are carried out through proven test strategies, processes and governance models
    • Error-free Software testing with excellence in quality
  • Application Development: Unless you partner with an experienced and expert application development service provider such as ASB Resources, you will not be able to deliver successful outcomes. We have worked across industries to come up with exact solutions to solve the toughest IT problems.


If you are finding it difficult to handle issues pertaining to staffing contracts and insurance, our experts can help in mitigating your risks, reducing your claims and eliminating volatility. Once we understand your business goals, we work on handling employee turnover and benefits. We provide a variety of staffing services such as:

  • Staff Augmentation: When you have specific business objectives to be achieved or special projects to be completed, we can help you hire the right staff or evaluate your existing staff and determine additional skills, if required. We make sure your staffing requirements are met with in a timely and cost-effective fashion. We also offer permanent placement models and team services such as T&M and SOW.
  • Permanent Staffing: We have vast experience and expertise in handling permanent staffing requirements for different positions at various companies. We carefully analyze aspects such as experience, skills, commitment and leadership before filling in the right candidates for your full-time positions.
  • Technology Staffing: ASB Resources partners with you to understand your business targets and assess the gaps between what you have and what is required. With the help of our technology staffing specialists, we then find out a way to fill in these gaps by picking out the right people with the right competencies. We have a strong, rolling database of professionals such as application programmers, network operators, systems analysts, CIOs to fit various functional areas, including project management, application development, business analysis, infrastructure development and enterprise data management.
  • Executive staffing: You may not be able to achieve success with the best of the teams if they are not managed by effective leaders. We have effective, well-defined, market-proven and time-tested processes in place, to search and provide top leadership talents that can take your business to great heights of success. We not only give you the best FIT but also make sure the candidate adapts to your organizational culture.
  • Contingency Staffing: Factors such as volatile market demand, budgetary constraints, short deadlines and increased government regulation may force you to go intoa contingency staffing mode. Our approach here involves pre-vetting, interviewing, validating, short-listing, reference-checking as well as completing legal formalities in the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way.

We offer application development support in terms of full lifecycle application project, where we deliver end-to-end on analyzing, designing, implementing, testing and integrating systems. We also support collaborative development where-in we work in close association with your IT team in joint analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems.

We have the technical expertise when it comes to Java/Open Source, Microsoft®, mobile applications and a suite of other, best-in-class technologies. We offer:

  • Assessment of applications
  • Customized application development
  • Migration of applications
  • Legacy application modernization
  • Integration of enterprise applications
  • B2B as well as EDI services
  • Portal, web and content management systems development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Development: Every business today needs a powerful web presence. Although there are many tools in place that you can use to develop and design your website, with the services of a professional web development division at ASB Resources you can have an impressive website that is optimized for search engines and powerful enough to attract traffic and improve conversions. We make sure you get a website that is:
    • Fully customized and comprehensively designed
    • Absolutely functional
    • Highly usable and easily navigable
    • Scalable as well as productive
    • Completely under your control
    • Really fast
    • User-friendly
    • Search-Engine Optimized(SEO)
    • Cost-Effective

We give you absolute value for money. Our customer service representatives are available to you on a 24/7 platform.

  • Cyber Security services: The advancement in technology has also introduced cyber security threats that are highly complex and sophisticated. Unfortunately, organizations have not been able to keep pace withcombative solutions that would meet such threats. They embrace newer technologies without actually understanding the kind of implications those can have on their business. As such, they render themselves susceptible to all kinds ofunforeseen cyber attacks. ASB offer comprehensive cyber security solutions that will not only protectand secure your networks, but also empower you in responding to future crisis. We can help you in:
    • Defining your risk profile as well as your risk appetite
    • Analyzing your current cybersecurity status
    • Prioritizing your cybersecurity control maturity targets
    • Executing improvement plans

Our programs are well-aligned with frameworks such as FFIEC Cyber Security Assessment Tool, NIST CSF and Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls.

  • Outsourcing: We also offer many innovative outsourcing solutions such as Talent Based Outsourcing, Borderless Talent Solutions, Managed Service Provider Solutions and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.


These are services through which we tend to fill in the gap between what is existing and what is required, in a cost-effective way. This service will help you save substantially on money and resources in training your new and existing recruits. Our Training services include:

  • IT Training: You will never be able to maximize the utilization of all those hi-tech hardware and software solutions you have installed and integrated, unless your IT Team completely understands how to exploit their features and benefits. Our training can help them acquire all the skills necessary to maintain your critical systems, and perform at their optimum. We have experts who are technically-sound qualified to provide relevant training to your team on the latest suite of cutting-edge technologies to roll into the market.
  • Customized Training: Training requirements vary from one organization to another depending on the systems they use and the software solutions they have installed and integrated. We customize our programs to formulate the best fit training plan for you to make sure your team is well-equipped to meet all the unique challenges and threats faced by your organization.


Selecting the right talent involves an expert knowledge of the industry. Along with this, ASB also has powerful inroads into a knowledge network that helps us in anticipating and addressing your present and future business requirements. The industries we serve include:


We serve various segments of the Financial services industry such as Personal Banking, Investment Banking, Foreign Exchange, Investments, and Insurance etc. We offer practical and perspective solutions to optimize your value chain.

Our team consists of Financial Services Experts who have extensive knowledge of the industry and are aware of the best financial practices. We also have experienced IT consultants who are well-versed in implementing the right technological solution for the financial services sector. Our solutions are designed to meet the various risk management as well as regulatory standards, to decrease costs, to simplify the transactions, to streamline the business processes, to build customer loyalties and to align the business as well as IT strategies.

In the past, we've worked with:

  • Brokers/Dealers
  • Wealth and Asset Management Firms
  • Payment Processors, Card Issuers and Merchant Acquirers
  • Clearing and Settlement Organizations
  • Retail, Commercial and Investment Banks
  • Life insurers, casualty insurers and property insurers as well as re-insurers
  • Stock as well as Commodities Exchanges


This is one industry that is research-oriented. A chunk of capital in pharma companies gets pumped into R & D. As such, companies need skilled professionals for this role. Over the past few years, this industry has been facing severe skill shortage. Our consultants employ human networking methodology to help pharmaceutical companies find right candidates to fill key roles.

We have contacts with personnel who are well-versed with the working of the various companies in the sector. Whenever required they also provide us references on the personnel, thereby forming an important chain in our search operations. We nonetheless adopt stringent selection criteria to spot the right talent from the referrals we receive. Our contacts have helped us cater to the manpower requirements of many local as well as international companies in the pharma sector.