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When you have specific business objectives to be achieved or special projects to be completed, we can help you hire the right staff or evaluate your existing staff and determine additional skills, if required. We make sure your staffing requirements are met with in a timely and cost-effective fashion.
We also offer permanent placement models and team services such as T&M and SOW.
Once we understand your business goals, we work on handling employee turnover and benefits.
Contingency Staffing

Factors such as volatile market demand, budgetary constraints, short deadlines and increased government regulation may force you to go into a temporary staffing mode. Our approach is to work quickly to understand your needs and use our network of consultants to meet any requirement in the most efficient, cost effective way.


In today’s market a contract-to-hire role can be a win-win for both the employee and the company. These type of positions allow you as an employer to assess the skills and cultural fit of an employee over a given time frame or specific project. This ensures that they are the perfect candidate for a full time opportunity before extending an offer; thus limiting cost and risk in the hiring process.

Permanent Placement

We have vast experience and expertise in handling permanent staffing requirements for different positions at various companies. We carefully analyze aspects such as experience, skills, commitment and leadership before filling in the right candidates for your full-time positions.

Executive Search

You may not be able to achieve success with the best of the teams if they are not managed by effective leaders. We have effective, well-defined, market-proven and time-tested processes in place, to search and provide top leadership talents that can take your business to great heights of success. We not only give you the best FIT but also make sure the candidate can adapt to your organizational culture.

Off-Shore Resources

Today business has no boundaries, and neither do we!
We offer innovative outsourcing solutions from our Mumbai office. Outsourcing can significantly reduce your project costs but still provide you with quality talent. Let us help with Talent Based Outsourcing, Borderless Talent Solutions, Managed Service Provider Solutions and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.