ADABAS Database Administrator

Job Ref ID: 484241000013370001

  • Job Type: Temp/Contract
  • Number of Positions: (1)
  • Work Experience: 5+ years
  • Salary: 90-95K plus benefits

Job Description

You will provide technical support and consultation services for the management, support and maintenance of ADABAS databases running in IBM mainframe z/OS environment. This position requires extensive knowledge of database systems and Software AG products that include, but are not limited to,?ADABAS, Natural, Broker, Predict, Entire Connection, Entire-X, Predict, and Natural Security.?The DBA will assist with the?maintenance, performance, tuning, disaster recovery, security and upgrade of ADABAS?as well as other Software AG products. Requirements REQUIRED SKILLS 5+ years of ADABAS development, production database administration in z/OS. and experience with ADABAS upgrades, patching, and troubleshooting. Advance knowledge in database security hardening. Expert knowledge in ADABAS performance tuning. Advance knowledge of z/OS 2.3, JCL, TSO, RACF, VSAM Concepts and IBM monitoring utilities. Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities. Ability to assist with the development of data standards and the design of security procedures. Ability to provide assistance in application program and database design /application performance tuning, including backup and recovery of databases. Ability to assist with problem resolution and troubleshooting, providing resolutions and contacting vendor technical support as needed. Outstanding time management and organization skills.

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