Desktop Engineer

Job Ref ID: 484241000012480042

  • Job Type: Temp/Contract
  • Number of Positions: (1)
  • Work Experience: 5+ years
  • Salary: $85K-$90K

Job Description

Type: Contract-to-hire position

Job Description

We are looking for a qualified Desktop Engineer who has experience troubleshooting computer issues and supporting customers in person, by phone, email, and remote access tools. The Desktop Engineer will support laptops, PC’s, software applications, printers, mobile devices, telephones, projectors, user accounts, network access, and setting up new employees. The ideal candidate will also manage certain IT related projects.



·        Support and troubleshoot hardware and software problems for desktop and laptop computers, and conduct remote problem solving when necessary.

·        Install hardware and software on workstations.

·        Set up and maintain network and telecommunications systems.

·        Troubleshoot LAN, server, wi-fi and connectivity issues.

·        Utilize ticketing system, when necessary.

·        Manage Windows Active Directory and Exchange.

·        Re-image computers, perform data migrations and restorations.

·        Work closely with other IT employees on system maintenance and configuration projects.

·        Work closely with other SLA employees on interdepartmental projects.

·        Maintain accurate asset management records.

·        Work with vendors and manufacturers on repair and maintenance of IT equipment.




·        4-6 years desktop support experience.

·        Ability to help employees solve hardware and software problems.

·        Experience with Windows Active Directory & Office 365.

·        Experience troubleshooting network issues in large office setups.

·        Experience supporting and troubleshooting printer systems.

·        Familiarity with DHCP, DNS, LAN, WAN, and other common networking concepts.

·        Strong customer service and communication skills.

·        Experience with a scripting language preferred.

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